Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Mom Arms" defined

So one of the great mysteries of life...not so mysterious at my house...is why do some of us get them and other don't. Are we born with them, inherit them, create them or just get lucky. I know for one I inherited them. My mom has them, her mom had them, and her mom before that had them. Around our house we lovingly refer to them as "Holy Bat Flaps Grandma". My children have annoyingly jiggled them every time i raise my arm around them, and heaven forbid I should ever attempt to lead the music anywhere. I have disguised the disorder (and i do consider it a disorder) by wearing three quarter or long sleeve shirts, but sometimes the Arizona sun just makes me want to take them out and let them blow in the breeze! The only consolation i have is "What goes around comes around, and these flaps are my little bit of family heritage handed down from generation to generation.


lisa said...

gee...thanks. Some families pass down silver or photos, our family passes down "bat flaps"

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

You don't post in like forever and then when you do you chose to announce that our family has a contagious fat arm syndrome???
I want to see pictures of your valentines crafts a.s.a.p!
Love ya Mom!

Ron and Paula said...

Too funny! Hey my arms are getting very fat and ugly too! But my mom and grandma had them too so my girls are doomed also!