Monday, September 28, 2009

Curses defined

So Arlon got the chance to buy 5 sets of tickets at the beginning of the baseball season. Now I am not a die hard fan... but I love that we can go to the game and everything you could possibly imagine to eat, is housed in this stadium. So we went, we lost, the next night they win, we go, THEY lost, the next night they win. This became the pattern. We were at Lake Powell for one set of the tickets, but just owning them, caused the D-backs to lose. We were given a set by a niece, we lost, the next night they won. Pretty soon all I was going for was the food, and believe me there is not to many low cal foods there, at least not that calls to you when your losing the game. But finally... we took our friends the Rays with us. Now I don't know if the curse was lifted or the Rays are just good luck charms, but we finally won a game we attended. And we even won by enough to rate TACOS! Unfortunately, it was a Saturday game so no tacos for us, but Yeah, the tide has turned. Too bad they only had one more home game. Better luck next year!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Joy defined

There are some things about motherhood that I won't miss as I finish the "raising" part of mothering. Whether or not the other kids will play with mine, whether or not to take them to the doctor when they run a fever, will they make the team, but mostly, will they get asked to the dance. I know its a dumb thing, but to girls it is so much more important than it is to boys. I know my daughter is beautiful, I know she is funny, so why do boys make you sweat it out. So another year another Homecoming dance...the room stays cleaner (in hopes it gets decorated) the door is answered much more quickly (in case its a drop off), and the mood swings are coming faster and faster....AND THEN...the doorbell rings.

at the front door a carton of "loaded" mint chocolate chip ice cream, with scoop attached and a note saying "Homecoming would be "loaded" with fun if you would go with eat up.

The scoop is detached...

the ice cream is dumped into a bowl...

The note wrapped in plastic wrap is found

Surprise...(not, girlfriends talk) the smile finally comes and all is right with the world again.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Swimming defined

The 2009 swim season is under way. Jessica is doing really well this year. She is consistently swimming at least 4 races..not exhibition.

What Form...

What a stroke...

And off she goes again!

They swim hard every day from 3:00-5:00, she walks in the door at 5:15 and better smell dinner or this happy face...

Is not Happy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farmer Cindy

My brother Ron...though he would deny it...has the dreaded "just gotta have it because I can" gene running through his veins. Because of this gene...Ron owns things like Buffalo, Watusi, and pigs. Ron is also an avid hunter. Loves to go with his friends, and one of them always manages to snag a tag. So when he goes...who takes care of his beloved zoo! His totally awesome sister! Now for the instructions...go through the gate...down the path he's created with the trailer, hay, containers and other assorted items, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACKS ON THE BUFFALO, untie the gate, carry hay out to bathtub in the middle of the corral, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON THE BUFFALO, watch out for reds baby, hes a little feisty, they hate Tony...but I'm sure you will be fine!

So I chose to climb up the fence, onto the railroad car, onto the bales of hay, down into the fenced in part of the hay, cut open a bale of hay....and throw it into the daddy didn't raise no dummy!

Then its on to slopping the hogs.

He had already boiled up the wheat...leaving it to ferment and ripen in the sun...

and as you shovel it up the lovely trio of pigs see you and let you know of their rapture, by squealing and running around the aromatic pen they are housed in.

They greet you at the fence....

and patiently wait for you to dump their slop in the trough...NOT...they try their hardest to slam the bucket back onto your legs. I will never again call anyone a pig without a clear visual of what I really mean!I expect some really good sausage outta these guys!

Am I not the best sister!!!