Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Matthew Richard Laudie

Weighing in at over 8 lbs, and cute as a button...even though he may end up with Mikes curly brown hair. And why is it that the boys always get the curls?

Another boy to add to Grandpas stash...he knew if he waited long enough he'd get them, but by the time they're old enough to work he will be too old to care.

All ten toes accounted for...although he tends to get upset if you play with his not Mine!

Amy couldn't be happier. She loves to rub her cheek up and down his...he must still smell like Heaven.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Still sitting here waiting for news from the hospital on the birth of my newest thought i would post our lovely pictures from Memorial day. Its really hard to get good pictures because for some reason this family thinks you have to cross your eyes or make a fish face for some reason (but I guess that's better than Ron's famous finger) So here is our day...

Its tradition for Jessica and Mike to play bucket head. Once while Mike was swimming a few years ago he decided to call his family from underwater, so they found a bucket and dialed the phone and down he went. With all the air that's trapped someone has to sit on your head to keep you under, thus started bucket head. Now every time they swim out comes the bucket.

Amy is still a little unsure about just diving in...and once they move away where the sun never shines, she may never learn to swim (do I sound just a little bitter)

Lindsey just waiting around for the hospital to call and say... COME ON DOWN!

Amy is quite the bathing beauty. That Lilly white Laudie skin has to stay covered up.

Amy just hanging out with aunt Summer

Lisa and TJ stopped by after eating barbecue with friends to hang out for awhile. Mike had brought his WI and they all played cow racing along with other weird games. Lisa and Jess were very intent on riding their cows...

It looked better from the back...watching them jump the fences and turn the corners. All in all it was a nice day the sun shone and the pool felt good. Lindsey and Mike finally left, still waiting for the hospital to call. She finally got the call around 11:00 to come in. Hopefully the next post will be cute pictures of Matthew.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brody Tres Potter

So getting a call in the middle of the night from your pregnant daughter is never good. The one concession I had with Calli and Brendan moving to Kansas is that she has her babies Cesarean so I can schedule the cheaper flights and still be there when she makes her purpose in life complete by giving me grandchildren. But NOOOOO she choose to let her water break in the middle of the night 2 weeks before my well planned out trip, leaving me to call the airline and change my ticket, leave my DH to fend for himself, leave Jessica to finish her Sophomore year without my constant nagging, make Summer happy by leaving her the car, miss TJ's graduation from ASU, and leave Lindsey VERY STRICT instructions not to have her baby early...which she would love to do just to spite me. But all that aside i got to Kansas the next day to welcome my newest addition!

Every thing went really well, they refer to him as a preemie...but he weighed over 8lbs...not too
petite! Taylor and Keaton are thrilled with the new addition, I don't see much sign of jealousy over Brody, just the need still be the center of attention.

Taylor Still has the longest hair so she can still be the princess...

and Keaton decided that being in the pillowcase was as good as being born the normal way.

Another thing that changed was where I
be for Mothers Day, I'm sure the Arizona children really feel bad that they were not able to shower me with love and attention on my special day, but Brendan did his duty and prepared me Delicious food (which is sadly the way i like to celebrate most holidays).

Brendan's mom taught him to cook with a pinch of this and a pinch of that!

Stuffed Strawberry waffles...

and for lunch all my favorites..Chicken salad croissants, funeral potatoes, ans strawberry spinach salad.

and of course we must not forget the chocolate...Texas sheet cake!

So far it has been a great trip...a new grandchild and really good food, and today we're off to get our toes done. I could get used to this!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My ten happy things

Here's to Lisa inspiring me to list my top ten Happy things;
1. Sitting in the temple with all my married children
2. Singing really loud to Jeremiah was a Bullfrog in the car!
3. Grand kids
4. Chocolate in any form
5. A really good book, and a rainy day
6. The smell of Jasmine/gardenias/orange blossoms
7. Sitting at the scrapbook store all day
8. When my DH does something totally unexpected
9. Jessica playing the piano
10. Going to the movies and eating popcorn and not caring that it has 2000 calories!