Friday, February 11, 2011

February Bunko

Back in the day..don't you love it when you realize you are now old because you spend lots of time thinking about days gone by more than what lies ahead...anyway I digress, I love Bunco, and I used to be at one time in 3 groups.   So Much fun.  We went from hitting every boutique in town for the next great gift, to cutting and painting ourselves to save money, to "now our homes are full of this stuff so lets just bring a token prize and play anyway just to escape the reality of Kids, Kids, and more Kids".  Well all those groups finally dissolved leaving a rift in my life that was never filled (sounds so pathetic).  So I was so excited when we moved into a ward that had a group in place.  Granted they aren't hard core players, no commitment, no set players, but was a bunco group.  So I hosted in February. I had these really cute buckets that I had big plans for for Christmas, never happened, so I dressed them up as Valentines Day baskets, filled them with the appropriate goodies, and supplemented with a couple of wood crafts and WaLa...I thought really cute prizes!

Valentines craft day

Since Calli moved back to Arizona..we had BIG plans.  Crafting every day, okay, every week, okay once a month.  Her working is really throwing off our game plan.  But we did manage to get together one day before Valentines Day to get our craft on.  Last Year I had made these...

So this year we took the easy way out and cut and sanded (Calli always sands WAY more than me),
cut and modge podged, 

These beauties!!!

 Craft need...met for now.

A new knee for Dad

So after years of climbing power poles, running away from bulls in the rodeo arena, chasing people up and down basketball courts blowing his whistle, running the great race between Hamburgers and Cougar crunch health bars, Dads knee had had enough!  So the decision was made...get a new one!    The jury is still out as to whether this was a GREAT idea or just a good one. 

Surgery was Jan since his birthday was the 5th, it was Texas sheet cake at the hospital,

 Some for him and some to share with whoever wandered into his room.
Probably his best gift was the lovely socks the hospital doles out, and no one wore them better than DAD!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First day of school…again!

For Taylor, leaving Kansas meant not only moving to a new city, but starting all over again at a new school.  Since she would be spending lots of time at Grandma’s house (mom & Dad both working to make enough to start paying back some of those student loans),  She started at Finley Farms Elementary, which was right around the corner. 

IMG_1485I’m sure when she is older and looks back at this picture…she will think “what was I wearing on my arms”…but right now she thinks she looks AWESOME!