Monday, July 26, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

I wish I could have gotten the pictures to do this trip justice, but I didn’t so you will just have to use your imagination to recreate the pictures in your mind! 

This was the first annual trip to Arizona with grandma.  One day they will be old enough to get on a plane and just come see me when I need my “fix”, but for now I had to go and collect them.  So I landed in Kansas, spent a couple of days then Calli ,Taylor, Keaton and I drove to St. Louis, met the Laudie’s.  While there we visited the Zoo and Celebrated Matthews 1st Birthday (these pictures will come in a later post, I am doing my summer posts as the mood strikes and out of order…because I can).  I took possession of Amy and we drove back to Kansas.  (sounds kinda creepy…doesn’t it)  While on the trip home, Keaton, who had been advanced to a booster seat instead of a car seat, decided he know longer wanted to sit in his booster.  He kept sliding his skinny little body out of the seat totally ignoring the rather loud and constant good advice of his grandmother and mom!  So a side trip was made and a new car seat was bought and he was strapped in TIGHT!  And this was the sweet boy I had been missing and came all this way to bring back to Arizona…(I hope your mental pictures are half as good as the real ones I did not take)!  At this time I was contemplating which drugs were legal to administer to minors on a plane:)  We made it back to Kansas and I was still determined we could get to Arizona without a midair incident. 

They day arrived for us to leave.  The backpacks were loaded with treats…the dog leashes were clipped to the belt loops (you may think that was overkill , but by now I knew how fast a two year old could disappear..and I had two of them)  Brendan drove us to the airport and helped us get all the baggage checked in.  We checked in just in time to board the plane, thus no chance to take really cute pictures of the exodus to the plane.  (Picturing Three cute kids with backpacks on, leashes attached and grandma sending silent prays to heaven to help us arrive safely.)  All this was for not though because Keaton was so sober the entire trip…he didn’t feel good, Taylor sat by a very nice man and his son who listened to her talk the entire trip, and Amy was happy to color and eat.  I am SUPER GRANDMA!

IMG0961 IMG0962

These were the only picture I got of the plane trip!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To infinity and beyond!

It was finally the long awaited time…Toy Story 3, was finally here.  Grandma bought them the proper attire…


the proper junk food…IMG1179_edited-1 and we settled back to enjoy the show!!!IMG1170_edited-1   IMG1171 IMG1172 Keaton hasn’t hardly let me call him anything but Buzz for months.  He was enthralled the entire time…then it was over…he just didn’t get it, we should stay and watch it again!  A classic case of “Too Much Birthday”.  Needless to say “Buzz” went home and had a nap! 

IMG1184Did I mention…Keaton really enjoyed the movie!IMG1187