Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Any excuse for a party

Its really hard for me to understand WHY you suffer childbirth, raise children, put up with teenagers, pick out the perfect husbands for the...only to have them finally start to become people you can enjoy....and they leave the state! Worse yet they take your grandchildren, which is the only reason for their existence.

But such is the case with my ungrateful children. Lisa and TJ are off to Ohio (TJ thinks he wants to go to law school)

and Lindsey and Mike, Amy and Matthew are also going to Ohio (Mike thinks he want to earn a living).
So instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself...We're having a party! Monday night the 29th come by the house anytime after 6:00 p.m. to bid them so long, swim, eat, play games, see my cute new grand baby and visit with the old people (Grandma and Grandpa are coming down to say goodbye to the deserters) I will have plenty of hamburgers and fixins...just bring a side or dessert to share (and if you want another form of meat, bring it to throw on the grill.) Hope to see you. If you know your coming leave me a comment...If you think your coming but don't want to commit...just show up, I have enough grandma Brown in me I will be able to feed a small army.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Keep off the roads!!!

So after much dragging my feet...using it as leverage(which did not is still a mess)...trying to ignore it...and basically saying your not mature enough(meaning everyone else one the road also)...Jessica finally wore me down and we made the pilgrimage to the DMV. She spend forever fixing her hair, because she didn't want it if the picture was bad. In fact I think she spent longer doing hair and face than she did studying! But a picture is worth a thousand words...drum roll here is Jessica Lyn Lewis...the last Lewis to need a driving permit!