Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year..old past times

A common link among my children and I is our love of reading. We have often been criticized for being boring on vacations because we can take a book and hide out as possible. I can read just about anything which doesn't always bode well for the quality of books I choose, just the quantity.

Reading is one of the cheaper past times we can still enjoy however (except for Lisa who build a new wing for the Mesa library with her late fees), so I will probably continue reading for as long as possible. Lately these are what have been occupying my time.

I was very content to just lay around and read until I saw Lindsey "crafting" on the web cam. This brought back all the fun memories of "Super Saturdays" and neighborhood get togethers of painting, or sewing while the children ran through the house. I already had a "lunch" scheduled with my good friend Shelli (lunches are also a favorite past time) so I ran to Home Depot to get some wood and gather supplies to do a craft. Though we are defiantly slower than we used to be (must be that we can't function without chasing kids), it was really fun to make a new "LOOK WHAT I DID".
So thanks Lindsey for reminding me that we all need a little "LOOK WHAT I DID" in our lives.


Wade and Christie said...

That is sooo cute...please do tell me what materials I need in order to make one for myself-pretty please!!

cindy said...

Cut scrap boards the size you want for letters, paint the sides, modgepodge scrap paper on cut letters or use chipboard ones (or come by and I cut you some) then glue on embelishments. Thanks for the kind words.

Ron and Paula said...

Yes very cute Cindy, thanks for calling me to do it with you!!