Saturday, September 27, 2008

Royalty Defined

Can a year possibly have come and gone since Summer was crowned Queen of Homecoming? Yes it has and since she is in cold storage (Idaho) Jessica passed on the queens crown (Summer's was a terrible weapon designed by Gilbert's metals class) to the new Queen. She looked beautiful (after she spit her gum out) and stood tall and straight (as straight a as a Lewis girl can stand without tilting her head), and did Summer proud. Its moments like this when you try not to swell up too pridefully and declare yourself the mother and Creator of perfection. More than the pride in winning the crown is the pride in the remarks of some random student who responded when asked...Who is Summer Lewis (this was asked because summer won over a cheerleader) said... shes that girl who's nice to everyone and always wears clothes.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cruising Defined

Food, food and more food. Its true what they say, you better lose it before, because you'll gain it there. Mom and I finally went on our first cruise. We just did the short 3 day to Mexico, but it was enough to find out that with the help of Rons patches...I didn't have to hang my head over the boat. It was definatly the blind leading the blind. It would probably have been better to go with someone who had been before, just for the little things you find out the first time you go.

but all in all Crusing defined is "Fun".

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obsession or Passion

How so you decide if its an obsession or a passion. If your car automatically turns in at all scrapbook stores...if I ignore my families health by disguising mac & cheese to resemble a home cooked meal just so I can crop a few more pictures...If I have to ask myself if I am really journaling a history of my family...or simply using it as an excuse to buy that really neat punch. If I just keep adding to the "stash" instead of actually using it because "that piece of paper is just to cute", its time to ask myself...Where does it end. Well it didn't end this last week because it was...drum roll please...convention weekend!!! So fun and I made it a Passion instead of and Obsession because Lindsey went with me so it was really a bonding time with a member of my eternal family. So justified. It was really fun, one day is just not enough...therefore I will be forced to attend the one in Kansas with Calli. The classes we took moved really fast and of course we were not able to finish anything so we will have to get together another day to finish bad, so sad! Thanks Lindsey for going with me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

spelling defined

So I want to take just a minute and talk about spelling. If someone knows what you mean...should it really matter if its spelled right. Personally, I think life is way to short to constantly be checking your spelling. And just a short comment about those who let misspelled words bug them... maybe they learn to appreciate the quirky trait in tgh misspeller and think of it as just a forenig language that they are gettignt the opportunity to study.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer is outta here

So 4 down, one to go. We took Summer to school last week. It was very.....long, cold, sad, happy, expensive, crazy and left me filling, emply. It is so fun to see your kids growing and getting on with their own lives, but it leaves lots of holes that have to be filled. Maybe I will just be with Jessica 24/7 (ha Ha) better yet...I think I will go on a cruise. I'm not sure if I feel old because Taylor started pre-school or one of my "Little Girls" is off to Collage. One thing is for goes on and then you die.