Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yes Virginia...there really was a December!

Let me define my December..."lost forever in the subconscious of my mind." I'm sure it was fun, I'm sure my kids all came to visit, I'm sure I cooked, I'm even sure I bought gifts and received gifts, but if it wasn't for the pictures we took, it would all be lost forever.
To start the month off, I was able to work at for the 3 weeks preceding Christmas. It was really fun but...I have forgotten what it is like to work full time and still function as wife and mother...something had to go and I'm afraid it was wife and mother.
Summer came home from collage during the last week of work, and I think I said hello to her. I don't think she minded however because truth be known they never really come home to see the parents.
Calli, Brendan, Taylor and Keaton came the last day of work...also Arlons ***drum roll*** 5oth B-day! So started the festivities that continued on till Monday the 5th when the last trip was made to the airport, school started, I walked in the door and said...listen...I was all alone again.
So since I have no memories of the events that took place after December 1st ending January 5th, I will share what my camera said happened.

After a Yummy dinner of Fried Chicken we headed off to the Temple (all except TJ, who later payed for his desertion, by rolling over in a jeep, which he was not driving, but who lived to tell the tale, minus sore muscles and new fodder for the Lewis memory book!)

One Fish

Two fish

Three fish
All my girls

Lindsey and Mike were forced to take Amy and go visit the LAUDIES in they got to have presents after the mess was over
The Pickle is always very competitive at our house especially when Calli is in the house. We have gone to two pickles just to give someone else a sporting chance. This year Calli and Jessica where the winners

Christmas eve Fiesta, Gecko grill, gingerbread houses and the pinata.

and of course the PJ's. Mrs. Clause use to sneak in and leave them on Christmas eve, but now she is old and overworked so she sends them early and they are under the tree.


Wade and Christie said...

Yes December really did fly by-I'm not sure where it went either! It was nice seeing you all at Christmas!

Ron and Paula said...

Glad to know you are still alive and kickin. Hopefully your January will be a little calmer!