Friday, February 20, 2009

I am Aunt Gladys

I really come from a wonderful heritage...full of nuts! One such nut is my late great Aunt Gladys. She was my Grandma Harmon's sister. I think much of my need to craft comes from Grandma and her sisters.
They did it all...knit, crochet, quill, make flowers out of tin cans, Felt wise men, grape clackers, and even puppies out of old gloves. You name it they crafted it. But I do remember Grandma guarding her current craft form Aunt Gladys, because she always said that if she showed Aunt Gladys what she was doing Aunt Gladys would have ten of them done before she finished one. I am Aunt Gladys. I went to Homemaking aka Home family and Personal enrichment meeting the other night and the sisters in our ward showed us "Learning to _______is fun to do."
I learned that if you always cut your brownies with a plastic knife, the brownies won't tear, that if you boil chicken breasts you can shred them with your electric beaters, but best of all I learned about "Fun Fur".
Sister Allen used one strand of it along with a strand of regular yarn and made a really cute loom hat. So of course I went out the next day, bought a skein and went home to make "A" hat. This lead to having to finish the hat already on the loom, deciding it was too small, finishing the hat on the bigger loom, making 3 fun fur hats to use the whole skein of yarn, going to get another skein, not finding one but getting another kind (which i did not like as well because it was harder to work with) and making another hat...which probably no one will wear because Jessica says they look like a bad hair day. Guess what every one is getting for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year..old past times

A common link among my children and I is our love of reading. We have often been criticized for being boring on vacations because we can take a book and hide out as possible. I can read just about anything which doesn't always bode well for the quality of books I choose, just the quantity.

Reading is one of the cheaper past times we can still enjoy however (except for Lisa who build a new wing for the Mesa library with her late fees), so I will probably continue reading for as long as possible. Lately these are what have been occupying my time.

I was very content to just lay around and read until I saw Lindsey "crafting" on the web cam. This brought back all the fun memories of "Super Saturdays" and neighborhood get togethers of painting, or sewing while the children ran through the house. I already had a "lunch" scheduled with my good friend Shelli (lunches are also a favorite past time) so I ran to Home Depot to get some wood and gather supplies to do a craft. Though we are defiantly slower than we used to be (must be that we can't function without chasing kids), it was really fun to make a new "LOOK WHAT I DID".
So thanks Lindsey for reminding me that we all need a little "LOOK WHAT I DID" in our lives.

"Mom Arms" defined

So one of the great mysteries of life...not so mysterious at my why do some of us get them and other don't. Are we born with them, inherit them, create them or just get lucky. I know for one I inherited them. My mom has them, her mom had them, and her mom before that had them. Around our house we lovingly refer to them as "Holy Bat Flaps Grandma". My children have annoyingly jiggled them every time i raise my arm around them, and heaven forbid I should ever attempt to lead the music anywhere. I have disguised the disorder (and i do consider it a disorder) by wearing three quarter or long sleeve shirts, but sometimes the Arizona sun just makes me want to take them out and let them blow in the breeze! The only consolation i have is "What goes around comes around, and these flaps are my little bit of family heritage handed down from generation to generation.