Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Riker James Grier

Around 1:30 a.m. the phone rings…its TJ…”we’re at the hospital, Lisa thinks she's in labor…but they probably won’t keep her” I hear Arlon say, “well call us when you know”.  Now of course I am not going back to sleep.  I have plane tickets for 2 1/2 weeks later to go and be there when Lisa delivers.  Why can’t people just keep to the plan.  An hour goes by no phone call, so I finally call back. TJ…”oh yeah they’re admitting her now”  I find it interesting he calls to tell us they will probably send her home but not to say they’re keeping her.  Must be new dad brain freeze.  So at 3:00 in the morning I am changing tickets looking for a flight that I won’t have to sell this new baby to pay for, and I get the next phone call…Lisa…”he’s breech, they are taking him cesarean…and she crying…alot!  Every mothers nightmare, your daughter finally needs you and you are several states away.  But we talked, she said she would call Lindsey who lives an hour away, but I knew she would come so Lisa could have family with her, I changed flights and at 7:00a.m. I am on a plane for Ohio.  TJ picked me up at the airport and I meet Riker.


So cute, so small, (but then any baby after Brody looks small) and Mom and baby are great. (TJ was a little proud too!) 


He face always seems to have just a little bit of attitude……………….  But he has hair!

IMG_0251 IMG_0260

Being the grandma…I get to help with babies first bath…Its tradition.  My mom always gave my girls their first bath.  which really isn’t a bath because you can’t stick them in the tub and let them float around, which from the looks of things, Riker might have enjoyed that more. 

IMG_0267 IMG_0265

But after mean ole mom finished splashing water all over the poor boy, and we rubbed the magic lotion on him to give him that new baby smell, Grandma got to sooth him and become his favorite.  There is a method to my madness.

IMG_0270    IMG_0274                    Notice the cute baby mittens to keep him from scratching his face…I think my girls got socks on their hands.  

On her blog Lisa described herself as and orange on a toothpick…that is an untruth.. she was perfect… and next to this drunken sailor next to her… he can only hope gets some of her genes!

We’re still waiting to see if his eyes darken up.  I never went through that with the girls they were either born with brown eyes, or suspicious blue eyes!  (good thing Lindsey had great-grandparents with blue eyes)  Verdict is  Really cute kids begat cute kids…Love you Lisa, TJ and Riker!

 Top IMG_0271 Top baby TJ[3]                              


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Favorite Daughter

So I have this daughter.. her name is Summer Nicole. She always has been, and always will be my favorite child. The reasons for this is because.. well... she's perfect! She is up at school @ BYU-Idaho and gets her associates degree this semester. WOW! What an accomplishment! Her senior year of high school she was announced the Homecoming Queen! To go along with that, she is the most beautiful daughter of mine hands down! Her beautiful brown hair and chocolate brown eyes are perfect beyond belief. I don't know what I would do without her.. she is growing up so fast! I love you Summer! Love, mom

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ho Ho Ha

December approaches…I clean…I plan…I dream…then…all bets are off, they arrive.  Lindsey, Amy and Matthew got here first, so far so good.  Mike then flies in a couple days later…still doin okay.  Then the train pulls in, the potters get off, Summer makes her appearance, Jessica gets out of school, Arlon gets even OLDER, mom goes into the hospital, babies are everywhere, I can’t see the floor anymore, Lisa & TJ are missing all the fun, and Christmas 2009 is officially here! The following pictures are not in order, because as you can tell this was not an orderly Christmas.
Amy and Papa doing “scary eyes”
Winners and losers (summer being the only loser in the candy bar game)

Kissin cousins
Great-grandkids (if you could only hear the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as this picture was being taken)
Grandkids (Check out Bretts coat…he was wearing it for a reason)
Some really old kids…boy, Tony’s face is grey.  Glad I don’t have grey hair yet!
IMG_0195 IMG_0180 DH000189
They admitted Grandma to the hospital the morning of the sausage gravy Christmas party…so we just invaded her house and partied without them.   Change is always hard.  We switched from Christmas morning to the Sunday before Christmas to have a Knight get together.  Families are getting so big, we were hoping this would take some of the pressure off all the traveling, go figure mom would have a melt down(diabetic).  She stayed in the hospital around 5 days (it was a blur) had a zillion tests done, found out she has lots of things wrong, just not wrong enough to do anything about any of them yet.  She's back home now sitting in front of the fire and having dad with on her hand and foot(well maybe one finger worth). 

First Annual Lewis Christmas Pageant.
Growing up we always did the nativity at the Lewis Family party at Marvin and Joanna's.  We decided we had old enough kids to bring back the tradition.  The angels and the Wise men were upstaged by the “donkey”, a position held by Arlon for many years.
017  024029 033

239 237
Swimming in December (yes it was heated)
044 045 The next generation …047 048
Christmas PJ’s
051 055 053 057
Christmas Eve
001 007 011
My Christmas present from Arlon…so perfect!
064 063
Calli did not win the pickle prize this year…Shocker!
Many gifts of Christmas…
104the books the kids got me…070Taylors DS…
084Jess’s parking pass…095Keaton’s Buzz…
120Matthew happy with a bow…111the next season of Lost for Arlon…
 108the only diamonds Summer better get for awhile… 

121and gifts from a personal Santa!

129 Brody finally awake 158 159 161 Amy eating pretend Icecream
162 Happy Christmas faces…and Summer doing what Summer does best.  Lots of Joy going around…But…
140 all we got was Lisa and TJ and the webcam…not quite the same.  They missed out on the noise, the crying, the snotty noses, the joy, and the…
164 Sausage gravy and biscuits…twice.   But Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!