Monday, March 28, 2011

Turn around and she's grown!!!

Even though Arlon's face didn't show it....he was SO EXCITED for girl number 4...Summer Nicole Lewis. Born August 6th 1990.   There was just a small struggle for what she would actually be called...Arlon insisted on calling her Nicole for about a week, but Summer stuck and still doesn't look like a Nicole to me.

We had a five year gap between the big girls and the little girls so her older sisters loved taking care of her.

Halloween tradition included dressing up and doing the "Grandma run" before trick or treating.  
As you can tell, sometimes the outfit fit the child!
(Even then Summer was dreaming of what she wanted to be when she grew up)

But most year costumes were just everyone took a turn as a witch or a princess!
In looking at pictures, alot of Summers birthdays took place in the woods as we camped with family, and speaking of family's, bathing in tubs must have been a tradition!!!

(just glad it was bonnie and not me in that tub)

Like most families, we took many (now looking back) awkward family photos. (Lorraine, I better not seen any of these on your blog!)

I worked so hard on these dresses, at the time those big sleeves made perfect sense.  
casual friday,

and this was the year I think I watched Sound of Music one to many times...these were the famous curtain dresses (and no I did not make them out of curtains and once looked good in my head when I did it) 
Summer's sisters were always very patient with her, but who wouldn't be...she was so CUTE!

And like her sisters, she spent most summers on the ball field dreaming of what they would have for snacks.

She took the requisite first day of school pictures,

had many summers in Rocky Point, looking for the great sand dollar river, playing at the playground, looking at the SAME stuff at the store fronts, getting her hair braided, and going into town for Thrifty Ice cream with grandpa.
Also spent alot of time in Taylor/Snowflake for the 24th or the 4th of July, sometimes the corn festival and sometimes just for the heck of it.

She and her LITTLE sister have always been close (small cough)

she is a terrific aunt (another small cough)

but mostly...she is just a party looking to happen!  Be it dirty
or clean,

A crowd

or just a chance to wear sun glasses,

be with friends,

take lots of picture of themselves,(wearing sunglasses)

make Kissy faces,

or just faces,

she was not staying home, there had to be something going on somewhere!!!!!

Oh and did I mention, she plays the piano, the violin, ran track, swam, did student counsel, taught primary, nannied, and was HOMECOMING QUEEN!

add to that list a little broom hocky and some dodgeball,

many trips to California,

and this is only a small peak into who Summer Lewis is.
But who she has decided to become is MRS. Jake Fullmer.

She met Jake while attending BYU Idaho, in Rexburg Idaho, where he also attends and his family lives.  I knew she had to love him is cold in Rexburg, and she will have to visit his family (maybe only in the summer though).  
 We went to Rexburg to check him out because it looked like this could be son-in-law Number 4.  While we were there, he called to set up a time to "speak" with her father.  I'm not sure what he would have done if it hadn't gone well, after all they already had a ring and a date....but fortunately for him...he was a keeper.  Tall, (6'6") athletic, really nice family, and he LOVED SUMMER! not much more we could have asked for.
 We went to his family's to play games...( I know Summer doesn't play games, thats another reason we knew she was a goner) and they had it all planned that during one of the games Summer would give her score first, and we would all come in lower (she so didn't win on her own).  Jakes mom (Konda) conveniently left the prize for this game in the basement so she sent Summer to get it, Jake said he would go with her.  When he shut the door behind them...Summer started to think...when she saw the little box in the gift bag, she knew...( Jake informed us that asking her in front of everyone would be a little out of his comfort zone) of course she said yes and getting the ring took some of the sting out of finding out that she really didn't win the game.  
 She come up from the basement...engaged to Jacob Fullmer.

 Pleased parents!
 Cute couple!!!

The best is yet to come!!!


Summer said...

awwww mom I love this!! and all the horrible pictures of my childhood that go along with it!! i love you guys! Im so glad you guys got to be there for everything!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

Dear Mom,
Just know that what goes around comes around... so stay tuned to some "lovely" pictures of you to turn up on the internet. The only person who should be more scared is Lisa because she thought posting them on facebook for the world to see is a good idea. Cute story about Summer though... even if she did have the world's worst bangs as a child!