Friday, May 20, 2011



Jessica Lyn Lewis.  Born  August 27, 1993 at a whoppin 10 lbs. 12 oz.  our caboose, our last angel, the final twinkle in daddy’s eye. 

She was a really easy baby, but that was because she was just a life sized doll for her 4 older sister to play with.

She always thought she was as old as all the other sisters, she was reading before kindergarten, playing t-ball, Top.BMP-3

(if only for the snow cones that followed) and building sand castles with exactness, and hunting for sand dollars in the sand dollar river, in Mexico over spring breaks.  Top.BMP-4

When she was 7 she begged for and got a puppy (one of the Clouse doggy descendants) that pleasure lasted about 6 months, then the puppy turned into a rather large dog, who made rather large…droppings!  Then “Bear” became mine, but Jess will always think of him as hers. 




Jess and Summer spent lots of time lounging in our “pool” growing up.  A large water trough, that they could run in circles making a really good whirl pool, and since we were the only family with a “pool” in the neighborhood she had lots of friends.  Her best friend was Claire, who died…not really but her sisters told her she did when Claire moved away and we never heard from her again.  Top.BMP-6

We moved to Gilbert, when Jessica was in 4th grade.  She always danced to the beat of her own drum and in third grade decided she wanted to play the cello instead of the violin like her sisters,  in gilbert schools you don’t start orchestra until the fourth grade, so she already had a year under her belt…which made her FABULOUS!!!  So basically Jessica is smart, talented, and because of her early experience in our backyard “pool”, and many years of summer swim team,Top.BMP-1 she would later go on to become a great Swimmer for Gilbert High School.  Top.BMP-7

She has made some really good friends through the years, some come some go, but all have brought their own kind of fun to the party.101_0545101_0644101_0676101_0710DH000022069DSC_0011075girlsDH010020

I don’t know what the future hold for Jessica…but she will come out on top, because she knows who she is, has a family that loves her (even though they tell her often she was adopted).

  but right now it’s a new milestone for Jess, High School graduation!!!DSC_0072 We love you Jessica…You Are BEAUTIFUL!1-cd-Jessica040