Friday, March 4, 2011

March madness!!!

No I'm not talking basketball, I'm talking about those millions of little things that happen in life that make for sleepless nights and feelings of...

First off..Summer (the daughter not the season), has decided to stay in Rexburg for the Summer (the season not the daughter).  Her father is having flashes of the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding...What is that? Is he good boy? I don't know. Does he come from good family? I don't know.
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!"  
So we are flying up to check out this young out Jake!!!

Calli and Brendan are trying to buy a house, a thought that is all consuming for them,  Calli and "Hair" drama at the Salon (I don't miss that part of working), Brendan taking his state test, so he can practice the art of "adjusting" to his hearts content, and hopefully make enough money to buy the House of thier dreams, Taylor, Keaton and Brody reminding me often how glad I am that I'm the grandma and not the mom (I still send them home at night after I sugar them up)!

Jessica had to have a Indian dress for morp...although it was the easiest dance dress I have made to date, 

so sad...sent her off to collect her date (girl ask guy date) and took no pictures...curses!

Then I have Lindsey calling to tell be she is ahead of me now in our "Biggest Lewiser" weight loss contest, and she won a house party and tickets to Disney on Ice (granted she won under Calli's name but whatever).

Then theres Lisa...posting daily picture of Riker who is running around the house now...taunting me with glimpses of all I am missing.
So I sit at home arranging and rearranging St. Patrick's day memories,
 wishing a leprechaun would deliver his pot of gold to my door this year.

So Happy March...BRING IT ON!!!


Summer said...

Good to know I'm not the ONLY thing thats stressing you guys out! can't wait to see you guys!!

Ron and Paula said...

You are too funny, you love all the craziness and you know it! Life would be boring otherwise. :)