Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the air

This is a love story…a story of two people, who meet, date (for a short time), marry, have 5 lovely daughters, and live happily every after.  It all began 28 years ago, oh wait, back a few months.   The Princess of this story, has moved home with her parents to put in her papers to serve a mission for the Church.


She sees the handsome prince at a fireside.  She quickly makes friends with his sister.  She flirts and bats her eyes at the handsome prince, he nods back.  He finally asks her out to a concert.  She totally impresses him with her constant chatter and need to spit off the side of the balcony onto the people below (she doesn't).  Surprise… no call for several weeks.  She ups the ante… she convinces his sister to invite him to Tucson, where the sister is attending school, she (the Princess) happens to be staying there at the same time!  She sits on the couch, feeding him green m &m’s,(the food of love) m & M

and refuses to leave till he kisses her…(she a little desperate, she leaves on a mission is 6 weeks)  The Prince is smitten, he wines her and dines her, oh wait her comes to her moms house and lets the mom feed him every night (he is so surprised later when he learns the princess doesn’t cook quite as well as the mom).  The time for her to leave approaches…she goes to the Temple, temple

her Farwell is the next day!  After a wonderful experience at the Temple, she learns know great things are to come, she just can’t imagine what.  Later that afternoon, the Princess, has a date with the handsome prince.  They drive to Reed Park and wander around, he acts strange, they get in the car to leave, he turns off the key, he turns to her (the suspense is killing you I can tell) He asks the fateful question…WILL YOU MARRY ME…!  She of course knows what a catch he is an instantly says yes.  She does still have to give a Farwell talk at church the next day, but she just lets everyone know that she has chosen to go on a much longer mission with no companion transfers.  They live happily ever after!

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Brenda said...

hee hee hee! I LOVE this story! It's a VERY good thing you decided not to give a "farwell" talk that Sunday! It was fun to look through you cute bloggity blog and catch up on your family. You have a beautiful family!