Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

  As my years of Empty Nesting fast approach…I am so grateful  I still have a couple of happy helpers.

  Summer usually finds a ride home for Thanksgiving even though she will be on Christmas break from BYU Idaho in three more weeks, not really sure if its to see us or everyone else she ever came in contact with.  But what ever the reason, she is usually good for some dishwashing duty.DSC_0009

Jessica is always anxious for her to come (more clothes to wear), but always just as ready for her leave…must be a sister thing, can’t live with them…can’t live without them!  DSC_0011

This year Calli took on the funeral potatoes, so Jess took on the assignment of the Deviled eggs…did an outstanding job (too bad we forgot them in the refrigerator until dinner was almost over. 

This year we were joined in Thanksgiving festivities by Ron and Paula’s family, and Tony and Brenda’s…and of course Mom and Dad.DSC_0046 

DSC_0050We ate lots of food…DSC_0111

DSC_0037Talked about life and loveSmile

DSC_0063made turkeys…DSC_0070ate turkeys…DSC_0020Ate olives off our fingers…


DSC_0075spent quality time with a beautiful  granddaughter…


Posed for pictures…

Posed for more pictures…DSC_0077DSC_0043posed for awkward pictures

DSC_0061Looked around an saw lots to be grateful for.