Monday, November 8, 2010

Leaving Kansas…ready or not!

Five years ago Calli and Brendan loaded up a small U-Haul with all their worldly possessions, and my only granddaughter, and moved to Missouri so Brendan could start Chiropractic school.  During that time they added two more children to my cache of grandchildren, acquired a little more furniture, borrowed a boatload of student loans, made some really good friends, moved from Missouri to Kansas, gave me someplace to visit, scrapbook, trick or treat, get my back adjusted, and see what 4 seasons look like.

But the fun is over and its time for life to start, so I flew back to Kansas one more time (although Arlon and I will make one more trip in December for Brendan's graduation).  Helped pack up a lot more stuff than they left Arizona with, and Said Farwell to Kansas, (small sigh) and followed thisIMG_1468 all the way back to home!

But first things first…MY LAST TRIP TO KANSAS.

Lisa was able to find a cheap flight over from Ohio, so she and Riker came to visit me,via the Potters.  Riker has really grown since their last visit.IMG_1447

kansas2 He now stares a lot, is fascinated by my fingers, and has a mouthful of teeth.

[100_3541[3].jpg]     They stayed and visited a couple of days, so Calli and I were able to take Lisa to our favorite Kansas Scrapbook store for all day scrapbooking, leaving the kids with a babysitter (one real one, then Brendan) which caused Lisa to shed a few tears at leaving her child with a sitter for the first time.  But with only a few trips back home to make sure he was fine, she persevered and got a taste of the scrapbooking bug.

       After Lisa went home, it  left us Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to  attend Taylors Primary program, finish up any packing Calli had not yet done, eat dinner at their friends the Soubie’s, several times,  Have a melt down as we load up to go…so no last picture of the apartment they lived in for the last little while, visit Wal-Mart, (who will really miss Calli and Brendan's business) buy really cute pajama’s from Wal-Mart, as our parting gift to the store which gave them such enjoyment for so many years.

IMG_1451Buy one last drink and a bag of seeds for the road….IMG_1457load up and drive,

.IMG_1456and drive,IMG_1458 and drive,IMG_1459 and drive,IMG_1460 and drive,

IMG_1471 and drive.IMG_1470  The trip was not without its moments though…can’t be in Kansas without a visit to OZ…


several stops at Micky D’s…

IMG_1461rest stops ,


and even a little road rage (There are some really dumb drivers on the road).  But we survived the trip and the Potters are back in Arizona ready to face the reality of life!