Monday, April 12, 2010

Saving the best for last!

So Our vacation is fast approaching the end…but the best is yet to come, OHIO! Well not really Ohio, but what's in Ohio…The Laudie’s and the Grier’s…well not really the Laudie’s and the Grier’s, but Amy, Matthew and Riker.  Yes its true I only had children so that they would give me grandchildren.   And they have all done exceptionally well!

We left Chicago and traveled down to Dayton, Ohio, where the Laudie’s are now residing.  My ever frugal, amazing deal finder, and luckiest when it comes to contests, daughter, had won a DiGiorno Pizza Party on line to welcome us in style…without spending a penny!  She is the queen of couponing and deal finding!Top-8 (And quite the party planner).  We got to enjoy spending some time with Amy and MatthewTop Top-1 who really have grown. 

Because its my blog I get to whine just a little…so unfair my married children have ALL moved away and taken my grandchildren with them…I’m getting a written contract written up with any new Son-in Laws that come along (and no there is none in the horizon) that will give them extra points if they stay within 30 min of my home! (I know that will have them swarming to my door).

The next day we headed up to Columbus so Arlon and Jessica could meet the newest member of the Grier family.  First Jessica had to remind Lisa of just how much she misses her Top-2 then she moved on to Riker jessica_thumb1 Even Grandpa finally got a turn.papa_thumb1 (He’s not really sure of what to do with a boy child).

We got to visit with TJ’s dad and Deb, and grandpa…So much fun.  Tom took us out to Olive Garden and treated us all to a great dinner.  What more could we ask for, grandkids, food, and then a hotel room all to ourselves…(get your mind out of the gutter) as Jessica stayed at Lisa’s that night. The next morning, trusty Maggie took us to the church where Riker received a name and a blessing.  TJ, did a beautiful job and Riker was of course…Perfect!

  largegroup_thumb1 family_thumb1 

Jessica, Lisa and Lindsey had to check out who had the best legs, I guess that would depend on what you were looking for riker

I’m thinking a couple of them have been trapped in the shade a little too long!  After the blessing…of course THE FOOD.  Lisa has grown into quite the Suzy homemaker since leaving the nest (she was pretty much the least domestic of my girls, or I guess the least interested in cooking, cleaning and sewing, growing up) but she is making it up in spades as she finds she has time to herself in Ohio.Top-9   She cooked up a delicious feast of Cafe Rio…Yum!Top-4 Which was enjoyed by all.Top-3

Then worn most of us out. Top-6

If my arm was long enough I would pat myself on the back…I have done pretty darn good (yes Lisa I know this is bad grammar) with the wonderful spirits that blessed our home for a few years.



lindsay said...

Love your blog... adorable!


Ron and Paula said...

Every mom deserves a pat on the back for putting up with her children! But yours have turned out pretty dang good. :)