Monday, April 26, 2010

The joys of Grandmahood!

There's not a lot of good things that I have to say about taxes...but I will say...thank heavens for tax refunds! (why we had to pay it in the first place, just so they can return it is a mystery to me). Any way Lisa and TJ go a Tax refund and they choose to spend part of it on sending Riker out to stay for a couple of weeks...and bonus...Lisa got to come too!Riker in AZ 005

It was two weeks of “how many places can we eat out”,Riker in AZ 031

you would think they have no edible food in Ohio,

“Lets try to tone down the brilliant white of Lisa’s Legs”,riker

thank heavens for tan in a bottle, I don’t think the sun could penetrate the glare,

and “Its my turn to hold Riker”Riker in AZ 037 Riker in AZ 036 Riker in AZ 041   Riker in AZ 142

We also managed to fit in a couple of Diamondback games,Riker in AZ 127 Riker in AZ 146

Some quad riding,Riker in AZ 080 Riker in AZ 101

and yes...dork sister moments!Riker in AZ 077 Riker in AZ 088 Riker in AZ 133 Riker in AZ 086 Riker in AZ 100

But most important of all...Riker got a little face time with the Arizona Sun!Riker in AZ 151 Riker in AZ 102 Riker in AZ 109 Its Great to be a Grandma!


Kimberly said...

I didn't know the suns played baseball! How cool!! JK! It was fun to see Riker.. and of course Lisa.. and be apart of her eating out experience!

cindy said...

Must have had the Suns on my brain! Although Joe's Barbecue is a better thing to think about. Thanks for making time to share in the eating frenzy that went on!

Ron and Paula said...

You must have changed something cause I don't get what you and Kim are talking about! But it was fun to see Lisa and her cute little Riker! Of course any excuse for eating lunch out is a good one. :)

Brenda said...

You are right! Grandmahood is JOY JOY JOY!!! I love having Grandbabies! How fun that your little Riker got to come and bring his mom too. It looks like all you guys do is have FUN! AND it was good to see a picture of your mom...brought back some good old "Pretty Party Place" memories! You sure have beautiful girls.

Laraine Eddington said...

What a great family picture! I love grandmahood too. I only have 2 1/2 so far, but expect many more in the future!