Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Nauvoo

Leaving Carthage, we drove into Nauvoo, found a hotel and began the search for food. new 006058  Bernerd was much happier in this room,  our last room smelled so bad of cigarette smoke I dreamed I had taken up the habit.  After driving down the  one street in town, that in off tourist season was totally shut down after 5:00, we decided to eat at our hotel which offered a buffet.  It was basically a salad bar for one price with a meat and potato add on for an additional cost.  Since dessert was included with the salad bar part, and we know I only eat dinner so I can have dessert, I was fine.  What we didn’t know however was that the lady sitting in the corner all by herself, would get 3 take out boxes and totally fill them up with all the desserts except for the store bought cookies.  Welcome to small town USA! 
Before we left Arizona, Jessica had got a recommend to do baptisms at the Nauvoo temple.
new 009  What a wonderful experience.  Arlon was able to do both the baptism and the conformation for her and several other kids.  Even knowing that this is a rebuilt Temple the history and heritage behind it and the memories of those who worked so hard to finish the original temple so they could perform these same ordinances for themselves was truly a testimony of the hand our Father has in our lives.  Arlon and I returned later that day to do a session.  My cup was full.new 010 It was cold and I forgot my camera (I must have had my heart where it was suppose to be instead of on the temporal things of life)  so I made Jessica go back the next day to take a picture in front of the temple
. new 011 new 008 Then it was on to visit old Nauvoo.new 001 First we went to the old cultural hall to find out what time the Missionaries preformed their show called the “Rendezvous in old Nauvoo”  and then it was off to the visitors center to get the tickets.  The Center is beautiful, lots of old artifacts and information.  We watched a really good film on life in early Nauvoo and the exodus that followed.  You could defiantly tell it was off season, we were the only ones there.new 014 new 019 This is as close as I will come to shaking The prophets hand in this life.
new 021 We walked the “trail of hope” down to the rivers edge, where the saints crossed to the other side leaving Illinois behind.  It was a little chilly but not as cold as the morning the pioneers left,  it was hard to read all the plaques along the way and then look back at all they had to leave behind and not feel some of the feelings they must have felt.  new 022 This was one of my favorites…LDS women are are not sheep!new 038 We toured lots of the old houses.  It was amazing to see that even the big houses still had small rooms and low ceilings.  This building is not part of the original Nauvoo, but still one of our favorites :)new 036
The Red brick store, Mansion house and cemetery where Joseph and Hyrum are buried, are owned by the community of Christ church (formally the reorganized church), most of the other homes, the LDS Church has purchased.  
new 041Elder Jeffery R. Holland had been there the day before to attend a stake conference, he had written his name in the book of Descendants of the seventy’s.  new 035
This building was Arlons favorite.  When we serve our mission, this is where he wants to work.
new 044 he didn’t even laugh at the missionary who was doing the demonstration that day, but you could tell he wanted tonew 048help him out a little… new 047 new 050 we did get our prairie diamond rings though!
So just a little funny before we leave Nauvoo and travel on to Chicago… We really pretty much ate soup and sandwiches most of our stay, being the off season most of the eating establishments were closed or operating on shorter hours,  We had decided to try this
 new 007
establishment for dinner our last night.  Just as we were about to go in, one of the couple missionaries we had met during our stay was just leaving with his wife and a rather large take out box.  He pulled Arlon aside and told him that this was not the best place to eat,  “As they served Hard Liquor there”    Hhmmm, so we ate soup and sandwiches down the street and wondered what was in his take out that was not good enough for us.