Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears…OH My!

First the disclaimer…I am not a zoo person.  Wandering around a zoo, looking at caged animals, or not looking at caged animals, depending on how hot or cold or the feeding schedule or myriads of other reasons the animals hide from the huddled masses, is not as high on my list of “how I spent my summer vacation”.  That being said…the St. Louis Zoo is FREE…and you never turn down free.  So off we go to the zoo.  We had just a little trouble, Maggie (our wonderful GPS) took us on a side trip, she could not find the Zoo.  She found a lovely park, a cemetery, and lots of side streets but no zoo,(I’m sure it was not user error), but when an alternative site was typed in she led us there with no problemo.  085 086Bernerd was REALLY excited…Jessica on the other hand was just humoring us at this point! 089 Luckily Arlon consented to posing for me.  This is his “I am so fascinated by all this” pose

090 Jessica…still humoring me, and not to convincingly.  Even the shark wanted to bite her head off.

103 Hmmmm so these are Elephants…interesting.101 Keep in mind…its free!

115 Hmmm… so this is a monkey, nope its an orangutan…got ya!

Great minds think alike!127113

Yep their in there!!!

119 This is the one that Jessica actually enjoyed…I just think she liked saying it!095The hippo exhibit was the only one that really made me a little sad… they had two (hippos not exhibits)and they were HUGE… They swam in a tight circle (because that's all the room they had) the entire time we watched them.  They just seemed really caged to me.096 Bernerd was glad he was on the outside looking in though…they were really big! 098

She's got the whole Zebra in her hand…come on sing along!


Jessica practicing her kissing skills! 

099 It is a nice zoo though.  I bet its beautiful in the summer, lots of trees and grass and the bulbs were starting to come up all over, I would probably visit again, did I mention…its FREE!


mamajo said...

I've been to the zoo and the Arch. I was there when they buit the Arch in the sixties!... the crazy thing is your description of the zoo and the Arch look and sound exactly the same as they did then!