Sunday, October 4, 2009


So my last daughter has joined the ranks of school dance history. Jessica as you know from a previous post was asked to homecoming. The theme... "A Night Under The Big Top", whatever happened to "Magic under the Sea", "Time in a Bottle", a circus, seriously...whatever, she went and had a great time.

After the afternoon conference session, he came picked her up and they went and got pedicures...I know, sounds kinda weird...but secretly how many of us girls wish our man would whisk us off to have our toes pampered and painted...and join in the fun! I won't tell you who's toes were blue and who's were pink...Its a secret!
I think this young man is already learning the way to a girls heart! Then he, knowing the way to the parents hearts (or just a good kid) went to Priesthood session, giving Jessica time to primp and curl (or mom to curl).

then picked her up for dinner, the dance and then pie. Jessica only pretended to pin on the boutonniere...all my daughters are wimps and mom ends up doing it.
His mom made her corsage and it was beautiful

Aren't they cute!


Summer said...

I love her shoes! She is so dang pretty!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

ahhhh, so cute... and boy is Jessie tan!

Ron and Paula said...

Jessie looked gorgeous! Cute dress and maybe next time a taller boy will ask her!

Stephanie Walker said...

I love her dress! The blue toes would match, but after enlarging the picture and seeing the hairy legs I'm gonna have to guess those were his! Hope she had fun!

Wade and Christie said...

She looks so the dress!