Monday, September 28, 2009

Curses defined

So Arlon got the chance to buy 5 sets of tickets at the beginning of the baseball season. Now I am not a die hard fan... but I love that we can go to the game and everything you could possibly imagine to eat, is housed in this stadium. So we went, we lost, the next night they win, we go, THEY lost, the next night they win. This became the pattern. We were at Lake Powell for one set of the tickets, but just owning them, caused the D-backs to lose. We were given a set by a niece, we lost, the next night they won. Pretty soon all I was going for was the food, and believe me there is not to many low cal foods there, at least not that calls to you when your losing the game. But finally... we took our friends the Rays with us. Now I don't know if the curse was lifted or the Rays are just good luck charms, but we finally won a game we attended. And we even won by enough to rate TACOS! Unfortunately, it was a Saturday game so no tacos for us, but Yeah, the tide has turned. Too bad they only had one more home game. Better luck next year!


Summer said...

yayyy!! Daddy is wearing my shirt! that made my day :)