Monday, August 3, 2009

Lake Powell

We spent the week at Lake Powell with our Friends the Clouse' much fun. We got there Sunday afternoon, had to get checked for "Muscles" (because Arlon was honest and told the ranger the jet ski's had been in the water in the last 30 days) that slowed us up just a little but we still found a PRIMO spot down the beach. We set up our "orange bubble" aka tent, and waited for the masses to move in. We had about 50 people in camp at all times.
Russ and Shelle brought an awesome slip and slide. The girls said it was like jumping onto a cement sidewalk, but that didn't stop them from taking their turns.

Jessica and Summer gearing up for the slide!

They also took a boat load over to SAND HILL...a long walk up, but a slip sliding trip down. Several took advantage of the slope to somersault, cartwheel, and tumble down.

Summer and Jessica took it at a screaming run!

There was plenty of tubing and wake boarding. The girls got pretty good at both.

Lots of Sun and Fun and way too much food. Just the way to end the BACK TO SCHOOL...YEAH!


Wade and Christie said...

Looks like you all had A LOT of fun! Would you believe that my mom taught some of the Clouses in elementary school?! Small world, right? We want to tag along sometime! :)

Ron and Paula said...

Where's the pic of you skiing in your bikini? Looks like fun!