Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend Defined

We were Blessed over the past weekend to hear from our living Prophet and many others with messages that hit home for me and gave great guidance for our families. Saturday morning conference taught me such things as always be living the kind of life that will allow the Lord to bless our lives no matter the struggles we are facing at the time. He reminded me that we need to know what our weaknesses are so we will recognize it when be are being attacked.

During the break in sessions I (being humbled by Sis Linford's message about our children respecting us but more our respecting our children) decided Jessica and I should bond over shopping for Easter Dresses (even though Arlon chose to quote from conference "can we afford that") being armed with my additional 30% off coupon I had from Kohl's, we went, we shopped, we lamented our size, we grew depressed UNTIL... shoes! I had found a skirt with purple flowers on it that I deemed okay, so we went in search of shoes. Jessica spotted this pair of "plum" shoes. I found sturdy black ones. I tried them on Jessica and several women talked me into the purple shoes. Jessica was suddenly excited, shoes, all the sudden she though of how cute those shoes could make any outfit. Now she wanted to shop. she decided she could squish her 1 size bigger feet into my shoes and find something purple to wear with them. Alas purple was not the IN color for the teen section of the store, but she tried on a cute skirt that made her tush looked FABULOUS....which is not always easy to do with our heritage. So armed with a skirt she now liked it was back to the shoes, and after searching high and low she found a pair of shoes that will prove as arch killing as the purple ones. Check out these killer shoes...Calli would be proud!

Due to the exhausting shopping trip we were late for the afternoon session but the talk I heard was Elder Scott's and I know I was suppose to hear it. He talked of temples. We live so close to the temple and still it always seems like an effort to get to the temple. I do love the temple and it has helped me make several major decisions in my life. I am recommitted to attend more often.

Sunday morning brought the delicious smells of sausage gravy and biscuits...which Lisa and Tj we able to arrive in time for, then we were filled my words from more GA's. Elder Uchtdorf has definitely risen to one of my top favorites, but it was Bro Hollands talk that brought a squeeze to my heart. He gave the Easter Talk. He reminded me of all Christ went through just so he would feel exactly how we feel. He spent time totally alone in Gethsemane, so no matter confused or sad or alone we feel, we aren't he knows just what we need.

Between sessions even though we weren't hungry due to a constant input of food to our stomachs, Grandma and Grandpa Knight came over for Cafe Rio...another tradition.

here is where I wish i had been more Uncle Charles (never without his camera) because Sunday afternoon conference was wonderful, even though by now we were stuffed, in need of naps, and sprawled all over the place. The vision of open mouths, silently snoring (or not) and bodies fighting for positions of space on the couch, was truly a sight. but in between we were again blessed by President Monson and others with blessings of families and warnings of technology. I am so excited to get the Ensign to rediscover my internal "GPS". There was so much to be learned and reminded of in conference, and once again I have recommitted myself to doing those things that had to be repeated again for me.


Wade and Christie said...

Shoe shopping can make anyone feel better in an instant! I buy shoes and Wade thinks were done shopping...oh no (this is where the true shopping begins)..."I just have to get an outfit to match my new shoes...!"
PS-Good choices on the very cute shoes!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Love the shoes, and wish I could have been there to enjoy the food! I'm glad they were not flats or sandals, and I'm glad Jessie finally found a skirt! However, I do want to point out that the concept of Easter dresses when I was growing up consisted of homemade dresses that had a lot of ruffles and MATCHED my other two sisters. I personally feel that this a tradition that should be carried on, and while Jessie may have no siblings to share the joy with, she could match her lovely mother!

The Gunnell Fam said...

Very cute shoes! Makes me want to go easter outfit shopping too! And calli's comment made me laugh, i could totally picture the dresses she's talking about! oh and invite me to your blog calli! You should put a picture of jessie's outfit up.

Ron and Paula said...

You mean you actually listened to conference? With kids and grandkids over that is next to impossible! But at least we recorded it so when I have a peaceful moment I can rewatch it! Your cafe rio looks yummy, I want the recipe.