Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Boy Laudies new "CRIB"

Now by crib, you do realize i meant cave...flat...joint...or just plain ROOM!
Since he will arrive into this world around the first of June, and not a day sooner, as I will be in Kansas Meeting Baby Boy Potter, who was first on the scene, I decided he needed a boy space to come home to. ( Lindsey agreed she just knew if she kept waiting I would take over) So found a cute boy themed crib bedding set on sale (which was so hard to pick, girl things come so much easier to me) then pick so paint (some left over from my living room paint job) and drove to Goodyear to create. We opted for the easy way out just paint stripes, not the whole room. So first up went the good old painters tape... (I thought just the tape looked pretty good)

Amy helped by handing me the yardstick and singing me songs to make the work go a little more quickly.

And Ta DA...stripes and the new valence. We have to wait for Mike to set up the crib before we can see the new bedding.

And here is the proud mother to be...posing like she helped...not really the deal was i paint, she catches up on her blogging.

I am really excited for the two new additions. I will leave for Kansas on the 18th to make sure Calli and Brendan can remember how to birth babies, (or at least do the dishes and play with Taylor and Keaton) Then get home where Lindsey will PATIENTLY be WAITING to finish up her long sojourn.


Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Super cute... makes me dream of having rooms to paint! Good job Mom!

Ron and Paula said...

What a nice, talented grandma you are! Now would you come do my grandkids rooms?!!