Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Break 2010

For Fall break, we flew to Utah, Drove 4 hours to Rexburg, Drove 4 hours back from Rexburg, Waited two days and drove 4 hours back to Rexburg, spent the night and drove 4 hours back to fly out of Utah… so Jessica could renew her sister bonds with Summer…We are the best (senile) parents!!!


When we got into Utah we drove to the temple because it is so beautiful all lit up at night.

  The weather was beautiful!


Checking out The Christus,


The Tabernacle, (Jessica was having flash backs of pictures with Bernerd)


and simply being amazed by the beauty and spirit you find on temple grounds.  We managed to sneak into the Conference center just in time for a quick tour before they closed for the night and it still astounds me with its grandeur every time I go in and hear about its  construction and the vision President Hinckley had of the part this building would play in the continuing growth of the Church.

The best part of the trip though was seeing Lindsey, Mike, Amy and Matthew.  They have relocated to Pleasant Grove (staying with Mikes Parents for the time being) to regroup and make really important Life Decisions (like what do I want to be when I grow up).  Lindsey and Amy drove with us to Rexburg (Thanks Mike for watching Mathew)they just felt the need to go on a 8 hour car ride.   It was nice to have the time to visit with each other and of course we had to stop…THE WORLDS GREATEST STORE!!!…on the way.  They had lots of hats for the “little ones” to try on…


and let their inner child out.


(didn’t buy these lovely animals)


but we did buy a nice assortment of candy, nail polish, toothbrush and a bear that tells the entire store of the “Night before Christmas”…If you want it this store has It!

summer and jess dumb hats

Now we did visit Summer when we got to Rexburg, it was  clearly an emotional reuniting of sisters… just envision the tearful reunion, the the amazing maturity that Summer and Jessica have come to have…NOT!    As always eating is the highlight of all of our trips and the experiences by which we rate them…and SCORE, we let “Maggie” (our GPS) find us a Mexican food place on the way there, which was surprising good,  and a trip to Craigo’s Pizza with Amanda,  Summer’s roommate. summer and jessand we hit Olive Garden on the was back in to Utah…So the trip was…GREAT!

The next day Mike once again did his fatherly duty and let Lindsey run away with me to the amazing craft stores Utah has to offer (I will not however mention that while Mike was a job interview Matthew fell off a chair and had to get a stich under his chin…oh wait I guess I did mention itSmile )  But he seemed to weather it just fine and what boy can grow up without a scar or two, and it was totally worth it for us to experience Rod Works, Wood connection and Tai Pan without little ones.  When we got back Dad, Lindsey, Mike and Matthew (since he had a new stich and couldn’t get it wet) went to the sports expo that Lindsey had won tickets too. Is this a good time to mention that Lindsey is forever winning things on the radio, if we ever want to win anything we sign Lindsey’s name to it.  While they were gone Amy and I went swimming at the hotel.  I had also planned to hit McDonalds and the Halloween store next door, but she was content to swim and carry out her very imaginative story lines in the pool.


She was a Fish, a mermaid, a princess and a frog.


and the nice part about it…all I had to do was say “good Job” every now and then and listen to her tell of her adventures!


I am so excited they are a little closer to Arizona.

The next day we made the trek back to Rexburg…boy is it a long drive…and took Summer, Jess, and Amanda (Summers really fun roommate) out for Pizza at Craigos, spent the night and headed back to the Airport and home.  (Oh I almost forgot…also visited Porter Craft store, a must if you ever make it to Rexburg).  Cross that trip off the list…OH WAIT… the adventure is not over…just as we were leaving the airport, we blew out a tire…(and yes I knew the bubble tire in the trunk had never been aired up and the Lord was tired of protecting stupidity)  so Arlon had to call his ever vigilant brother Dennis to drive out and air up the tire that was nice and new and without air.  But the only difference between bad experiences and good experiences…having a camera around to make it a memory so you can laugh about it….after some time has passed.



Laraine Eddington said...

We spent our fall break in Utah too, but didn't have to drive to Idahoo (although of course, I have nothing against Idahoo). What is the world's greatest store? You're killin' me.

cindy said...

The worlds greatest store is the Smith and Edwards located outside of salt lake. We can never get my husband to stop anywhere when we take this particular trip he said if we see someplace we want to stop he would...there we several funny signs along the road advertising the worlds funnest(which one of my daughter claim is not a real word) store...we said STOP THERE...much to our surprise and his was just a huge yellow front type store, camping, dutch ovens, military, candy, clothes, you name it they have it. Now its a given if we ever drive past, stopping is a must.