Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Early Birthday

It's always a struggle to get Arlon gifts... he has no hobbies, he has all the tools he needs, (or that we can afford) he doesn't scrapbook, Clothes...not something he really cares about.  So it really stinks that he has a birthday right at Christmas time, so we have to come up with not one but two gifts within a month.  
    My mom got him some really good (expensive) snow boots one year and gave him one for his birthday and one for Christmas, he seemed to enjoy that.  The girls have given him a wallet, Twice, he still uses the ratty one he has had forever. (Which always reminds me of the white shirt we bought his dad once, which he never wore because the sleeves of his old one had not completely fallen of yet). Any way...the fallback tends to be a gift card to eat out, that way I score dinner somewhere too.  So when Lindsey called a month ago (she is the one always thinking ahead, and looking for deals) and asked if I though Dad would like to see...

I knew they had a winner!!!  He has talked about wanting to go every year, but because we don't plan too many things out in our lives, we never manage to get tickets before they sell out.  And SCORE he will need a date, (he never goes anywhere by himself if he can help it...just ask the girls how many times they got to go to home depot with him)  So she go the other girls to anti up (I hope) and sent the tickets.  I had a slight moment of hesitation, since I had had surgery on the 22nd of November and this was the 8th of December, but no worries, it was great incentive to be up and around!
So off we went, stopping at Monti's La Casa Vieja for Dinner, then of to Celebrity theater.  The seats were good, though meant for people smaller in stature than well fed Americans, and people watching was at its premium, (its always interesting the variety of people that attend functions)

     Tim and Willy started the show out with a bang by opening with a video of them doing Beyounce's "All the single Ladies", defiantly an image burned into my brain of Tim's long nasty legs, but entertaining to my warped brain. 
    The Headliners were "Little Big Town" 

Defiantly some eye candy there...They were excellent, They sing alot of slow pretty songs, so it kept it pretty mixed up with the other entertainment interspersed throughout the evening. They did several skits, my favorite, the visit of the only Jon Gosslin thy could afford (because the actual Jon thinks way to highly of himself) and since I can't stand Jon and Kate, this one was way more enjoyable...

The highlight of the evening for Arlon though was the comic...Tim Hawkins.  When the girls were little Arlon dreamed of being "Raffi", making a living playing silly songs on the guitar... well Tim Hawkins is Raffi all grown up, (and not singing to kids, or singing kids songs), a large part of his comic routine are songs he has changed the words to, making a few composers turn in their graves. 
  The highlight of the evening for me was the song Willy sang at the end.  It was beautiful and brought the Christmas spirit flowing through the room. 
     The biggest bummer of the night were the door prizes...now we didn't expect to win, only Lindsey ever wins...well and the one time Calli stole my prize at the scrapbook convention,...but the big prize of the night was a ticket to Garth Brooks in Las Vegas for Valentines day, and the 70 year old man right behind us won it...and didn't even respond!  He wife finally said "oh that's you dear"  and he kinda grunted, SO DIDN'T deserve the prize, but whatever!  It was a little too far away for good pictures, but here's what I got!

Thanks girls the the best night ever!