Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Still sitting here waiting for news from the hospital on the birth of my newest grandson...so thought i would post our lovely pictures from Memorial day. Its really hard to get good pictures because for some reason this family thinks you have to cross your eyes or make a fish face for some reason (but I guess that's better than Ron's famous finger) So here is our day...

Its tradition for Jessica and Mike to play bucket head. Once while Mike was swimming a few years ago he decided to call his family from underwater, so they found a bucket and dialed the phone and down he went. With all the air that's trapped someone has to sit on your head to keep you under, thus started bucket head. Now every time they swim out comes the bucket.

Amy is still a little unsure about just diving in...and once they move away where the sun never shines, she may never learn to swim (do I sound just a little bitter)

Lindsey just waiting around for the hospital to call and say... COME ON DOWN!

Amy is quite the bathing beauty. That Lilly white Laudie skin has to stay covered up.

Amy just hanging out with aunt Summer

Lisa and TJ stopped by after eating barbecue with friends to hang out for awhile. Mike had brought his WI and they all played cow racing along with other weird games. Lisa and Jess were very intent on riding their cows...

It looked better from the back...watching them jump the fences and turn the corners. All in all it was a nice day the sun shone and the pool felt good. Lindsey and Mike finally left, still waiting for the hospital to call. She finally got the call around 11:00 to come in. Hopefully the next post will be cute pictures of Matthew.