Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yabba Dabba Dosey of a Halloween!

Lindsey always does so good at finding just the right costumes...and then sewing them herself. She brought Amy over for the "Grandma Run" a tradition she participated in most of her childhood, sometimes missing a little trick or treating. It is another of those "defining" moments when you realize you are now the grandma they're running to see. I don't think I ever had to drive quite so far though so cudos to her...and can I just say...Mike is really a good sport!

Jessica and I also got into the Halloween spirit by carving our pumpkins...they were terrible... really old pumpkins, they were weird to carve, very brittle, (Happy Hal's tooth just fell out) and the next day, even though they were in the house, they were moldy. Then the next day they were just spluge, but carving them was worth it because Arlon lit the fire and we had Smores. Jessica like to tell people that she has no childhood. I don't camp anymore, I don't let the birthday fairy come decorate for her birthday...and she has even been known to be Santa' helper(cause hes in bed). So this is another good reason to blog...Proof that I carved pumpkins with her!

Want some Smore!!!
Happy Hal


Summer said...

i miss home!!!!! lindsey the costumes are so cute! and ps. jessica is wearing my headband AND shirt in those pictures.. i cant wait to do the trade off of clothes in 17 days!

Ron and Paula said...

Poor Jessie, the last child is just so picked on! Just ask Natalie. Cute costumes and pumpkin carving.

The Gunnell Fam said...

Those costumes are clever! Very cute pumpkins too!